Health Care

Every Missourian deserves affordable, quality healthcare. Maggie will fight to expand access to healthcare and mental health services.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Missourians deserve quality, affordable healthcare. We have too many Missourians who are uninsured or underinsured, and high healthcare costs are a strain for Missouri families.

Now that Missouri voters have passed Medicaid expansion, we must continue our fight to ensure it is properly implemented and funded. As a member of the legislature, Maggie will work to ensure the will of the voters is upheld to expand healthcare to the estimated 230,000 Missourians who will be covered through Medicaid expansion.

Maggie’s husband is a nurse practitioner and he provides primary health care services for many uninsured and underinsured patients at a Clay County clinic. It’s so important for patients to have access to basic health care to prevent unnecessary trips to the emergency rooms. When patients don’t receive this care, we all share the burden through higher insurance premiums.

As a state, we must also address how high healthcare costs are impacting economic growth. There are far too many individuals who want to start their own small business, but are forced to stay at their current job to maintain their health insurance.


As a PTA mom and teacher, Maggie knows the importance of quality schools for families in the Northland. We must support our local public schools and ensure a safe environment for students and teachers.

As a teacher at North Kansas City High School, I see every day how great public education truly has the power to transform lives and open doors for students.

Fully funding our public schools is not only a constitutional requirement, but also a moral obligation. We have too many politicians who are constantly pushing legislation that is bad for public education. As an educator in the Missouri House, Maggie will stand up for our public schools and teachers to ensure they can provide quality education for each and every student.

Here in the Northland, our public schools are pillars of our communities. I strongly oppose the expansion of charter schools outside of the boundaries of the Kansas City and St. Louis school districts. Opening our districts to charter schools would greatly hurt their funding and their ability to best serve all students.

We need to make sure schools across our state have the funding to provide quality education from early education to post-secondary. We must end the cuts to education and invest in our students. Investing in our students is an investment in our state, as we ensure students have the skills needed to enter the workforce.

Economic Growth

Maggie supports investing in our crumbling infrastructure and programs that encourage the growth of small businesses in the Northland.

As we make our daily commutes and travel across our state, there is nothing more important than our safety and security. Missouri’s aging infrastructure is not only putting our families at risk, but it’s also preventing economic growth. We must invest in good, safe roads and bridges, while creating jobs.

Gladstone is an incredible community to raise a family. From the beautiful downtown development to the community center and renovated Antioch Library, we see the benefits of healthy economic development. We must continue to support and encourage the development of new businesses, services and innovations.

Civil Justice

Despite Missouri’s constitutional protections, there are powerful business interests and lobbyists working hard to restrict access to the civil justice system. Maggie strongly believes that everyday Missourians are entitled to a level playing field in our court system, regardless of wealth, gender, race or religion.

As the daughter of two attorneys, Maggie has seen firsthand how important it is that our courts are open to each and every person. As State Representative, she will fight to make sure the civil justice rights of Missourians are protected.

Government Transparency/Accountability

Maggie believes that our state government should be transparent, open, and lawmakers should be held accountable to the citizens of Missouri. Elected officials should listen to and work for their constituents, not special interest.

Missourians overwhelmingly voted for Clean MO and supported government transparency, fairness, and competitiveness. Maggie will stand up for and protect the will of the people.

Workers’ Rights

As a union member, Maggie understands what it means to have our workers’ rights constantly under attack. She strongly opposed Prop A and worked to make sure that so called “Right to Work” was defeated. We know workers in Right to Work states have lower incomes and fewer benefits and it is wrong for Missouri. Period. Maggie supported raising the minimum wage and worked to gather signatures to place it on the ballot, which Missourians overwhelmingly approved. We know that more money in the hands of hardworking Missouri goes right back into our community, benefiting all of us.